Tuesday 31 December 2013

Ice-breaking Motor Vessel ARCTIC

Yeah, just another day in paradise up here in the 'Great White North'. True, it did reach +2C during the weekend which melted a fair amount of the 100+ centimetres of snow we've been blessed with since LATE NOVEMBER, but since then it's been back to deep freeze temps like today where it was -18C with a chill factor of -29C. Brrr!! c):-( . I suppose it could it could be worse. I could live and work in the high Arctic like in Pond Inlet on Baffin Island where tomorrow's high is expected to reach -32C or -45C in the wind. NOT A CHANCE!! c):-0. However, as all Canadians well know, when it comes to our bone-chilling temps, you either wear extra layers of sweaters, or you Get Out of Town! Getting out of town is our plan and off to Varadero, Cuba we shall go on Sunday for a week of HOT, HOT, HOT temps, YES!!!! c):-)).
Meanwhile, for those who put up and shut up to our extremes weather conditions in such communities as Pond Inlet or Iqaluit, Nunavut, supplies to keep them warm and carry-on arrive by such mighty ships as the ice-breaking motor vessel, ARCTIC. Built in 1978 in Port Weller, Ontario, and own by FedNav of Montreal, the 724.5' ARCTIC is double-hulled which allows her to carry oil or diesel products, iron ore in its seven holds, or containers on deck. She also has an ice-stengthen bow and her engines are powerful enough for the ARCTIC to navigate in ice-covered waters of up to 5' thick without an escort. If conditions prevent her from reaching a dock, the ARCTIC simply stops dead in the ice, and lowers trucks and other equipment to transfer her cargo over the ice to the final destination. More recently, the ARCTIC and her sister ship UMIAK 1, has been transporting nickel ore from Voisey's Bay, Labrador to a new processing plant in Long Harbour, Newfoundland. Early last summer, I snapped the ARCTIC anchoured and waiting to pick up up supplies across from Montreal-East, QC. Just to her stern below, is the 394' Danish oil tanker, JETTE THERESA.

2014 is about to arrive and I want to thank everyone all over the world who has taken the time view my blog since I started this little hobby in April 2012. I also want to thanks those who have contributed with pictures and stories like Jim in Salisbury, MD; Carm & John in Lanark County, ON, Kevin & Gabby in Stittsville, ON and Shaun here in Kanata. It's been a lot of fun. Thanks Again Everyone and I Wish You All The Best in 2014!! - Carl Burkett c);-b 

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