Saturday 28 December 2013

Bulk Carrier SOLINA

Yikes, not much room there for the Polsteam owned bulk carrier SOLINA as she inched her way out of the Welland Canal's Lock 1 in Port Weller, Ontario last October. The 623.5' SOLINA which was built in 2012, has a breadth of 77' 11". With Seaway locks only 80' wide, that just leaves about 12.5 inches on either side to pass through. c):o That huge scrape above the waterline just past the starboard bow section is a lasting reminder that not all transits for the SOLINA have been completed without incident. In fact, if you look back at any SeawayMax carrier posted on Carlz Boats (like the ATLANTIC ERIE almost all have hugged a wall or two, usually at the same spot at one time or another. It Happens! Don't Worry, Be HAPPY!! c):-)) Learn from your mistakes and move on. 
Hey those deck hands waving at me above the ship's name looked pretty happy that the Bahamian registered SOLINA, was finally moving on beyond Lock 1. You'd be excited too because after motoring through just 7 more narrow locks on the canal and half way down Lake Erie, they're going to get their first shore-leave in about a month in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, where it's always, "HOT IN CLEVELAND"!! - At least according to Betty White, eh! c);-b

PS: For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was as wonderful as ours. 'Old Man Winter' sure has made life difficult for many up here in the 'Great White North' with near record breaking snowfalls, bitterly cold Arctic gusts and freezing rain. Despite everything he threw at us, the constant love and togetherness from family and friends, kept us warm and happy as always. Season's Greetings and All the Best in 2014 to You All!!  

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