Tuesday 15 May 2012

Lake Erie Fish Tug 'LINCOLN R'

The 57' Minor Fisheries tug LINCOLN R was locked in the ice of the old feeder canal at the mouth of the Grand River in Port Maitland on this cold day in February 2009.
Built in 1958 at Powell Shipyards of Dunnville, the LINCOLN R and the other fish tugs laid up there for winter would just have wait for another day (or thirty) to get underway and fish the also froze over Lake Erie.


  1. Your blog has been most helpful. My husband and I travelled the Welland Canal aboard the Grande Mariner (Blount Small Ship Adventures)this past May. I saw and photographed the Lincoln R because it was, to my eye, such an unusual craft. Now that I'm working on the photographs and filling in blanks, this is one mystery solved. Many thanks.

  2. Though I am not an expert on Lake Erie commercial fishing, pretty much every tug that I have seen, looks just like the LINCOLN R. Somewhat stealthy looking in perhaps today's naval standards, its design more likely been applied to combat the unpredictable rough seas and weather conditions of Lake Erie. Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes and the least amount of wind can create some pretty nasty wave action. My wife and I experienced its wrath while sailing near Point Pelee many years ago. Unlike any other fishing boat I've seen or photographed, it appears the operation activities are somewhat protected from the elements and side or stern doors are opened and closed as required. In my May 27th post 'The sandsucker CHARLES DICK', you can see more similar looking fishing boats on the west wall in Port Colborne in a photo I took back in the mid 70's. Thank you Janet for comment. Take care, Carl

  3. Should have read 'Thank you Janet for YOUR comment'. Will have to give the proof reader the day off. That'll teach him. Meanwhile, I googled Blount's website. Interesting. How was your cruise?