Sunday 14 December 2014

Multi Purpose Dry Cargo Ship EDENBORG

Though named after the beautiful and enchanted biblical garden that you may have heard or read about in Sunday School or Catechism, the only thing that the 452' EDENBORG looked fruitful of, was "RUST!!". c):-o I snapped the multi purpose dry cargo ship in September 2012 during our "Whirlwind Tour to the Soo & Back" and since she was parked at the Purvis Marine Salvage dock, is it safe to presume she's was picking up a load of recycled steel, hence her own scrappy appearance? c):-S
Hardly the case but rather her overwhelming display of rust has resulted from constantly battling the harsh ocean seas and salt being sprayed across her bow and all over during several trans-Atlantic crossings annually. Actually her looks clearly explains why we inland-seas boatnerds call them "Salties".
Built in 2010 at her homeport of Delfzijl, Netherlands, the EDENBORG is owned by Royal Wagenborg Shipping which is also based in Delfzijl. Anyone who has spent time snapping boats throughout the Great Lakes, will have seen many Wagenborg ships, all with their red banded grey hull, bold white superstructure and with their names ending with the suffix, "BORG", which is norse for "Fortified or Castle-like". Also, FYI: "WAGEN" is old Dutch for "Wagon" or when used as a verb, it means "To Venture". Therefore, according to the 2014 issue of "Know Your SHIPS", of Wagenborg's fleet of 180 'fortified castle-like' ships, 52 of them 'ventured' through the Great Lakes last year. I did not know that. c):-o
The first Wagenborg ship that we came across was the 469' ATLANTICBORG on Canada Day 2012. I snapped her (below) at Cardinal, Ontario laden with wind turbines bound for near Ogdensburg, New York. To read more about our ATLANTICBORG sighting, click on to this link:, or NOT.

Two end of day snaps of two 'sleek and serpent' looking Wagenborg multi purpose cargo ships, and my last batch of boat snaps taken on the Canadian side of the Soo. What we snapped on the other side of the bridge and St. Clair River during that trip, or during our other boat watching adventures to New Orleans, the Detroit River, Fremantle, Australia or while picnicking along the Seaway will be coming along soon to a Carlz Boats near you. I know you can hardly wait. c);-b

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