Wednesday 6 November 2013

Bunkering Tanker HAMILTON ENERGY

As the high in the water ALGOMARINE  ( below, slowly made her way towards Port Weller's Lock 1, the 201' and fully loaded former British coastal tanker,  HAMILTON ENERGY slipped in off Lake Ontario barely noticed. In fact, her silent-running approach required a stealth-like cormorant to divert its course to safely streak across the bunker tanker's bow to get to better fishing grounds on the other side of the channel.
Since being built in 1965 in Grangemouth, Scotland, HAMILTON ENERGY has seen many seas with many different names and though the end was near for this little work-horse, she continued to prove her worth daily until that day came along. When launched at Grangemouth Dockyards, her name was PARTINGTON, after a small town located along the Manchester Ship Canal in northwest England. Then, she primarily transferred refinered UK oil along the British coastline for Shell Oil. From 1979-81 she continued her services only with a new name, the SHELL SCIENTIST. In 1981, the SCIENTIST ventured across the big pond to Halifax and while then named METRO SUN, she continued to transport oil products to ports along the St. Lawrence River and Atlantic Canada. In 1985, she was purchased by Provmar Fuels of Hamilton, Ontario, and after being refitted as a bunkering tanker, the currently named HAMILTON ENERGY has been providing bunkering services for all kinds of ships from Hamilton to Oshawa to the Northern end of the Welland Canal in Port Weller. Probably her most famous top up of bunkering fuel went to the Royal Yacht, HMY BRITANNIA during her last voyage to the Great Lakes in 1996. HAMILTON ENERGY can carry up 1,260 tons of marine diesel and with the aid of a recently installed pitch propeller and stern thruster, along with her bow thruster and at least 50 old rubber tires lashed on either side, she simply motors up then ties off to the ship in need, tops up her tanks and then when all is good to go, HAMILTON ENERGY sails to her next customer or a fill up of her own hold back in Hamilton. No drive thru self service here. Simply an embracing cuddle then full service fuelling with a smile. Just like the old days at the neighbourhood Texaco or White Rose service station. Those were the days, my Friends!! c);-b  


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