Sunday 27 October 2013

Oil/Chemical Tanker WESER

WooHoo!! We made it to the World Headquarters of BOATNERD.COM at Vantage Point, Port Huron, Michigan. YEAH! Like they are my 'Main Man' for all kinds of stuff on American and Canadian “Lakers” and foreign “Salties”. Whether it's freighters, tugs, passenger ships or more, BOATNERD.COM is the “Guru” 🧘🏻‍♂️, the “Crystal Ball” 🔮 when needing to know where that boat is NOW!! - whether underway, anchored or moored anywhere on the Great Lakes from Duluth and the Lakehead, to eastern Lake Ontario's entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway. Does it get any better? Apparently not, because just before entering their unique Marine Center, we were told they were just about to close. YIKES!! No souvenirs, No look at ship models and photos, No online searching, NO!! NO!! NO!! 😬  
No, no I wasn’t angry. It was just poor planning on my part because BOATNERD.COM is all run by volunteers and they need  their time to snap 📸 boats too, eh. However I’ll admit it, it did feel a bit like a Griswold moment like what Chevy Chase’s family felt like in the National Lampoon movie 'VACATION' who after driving clear across America, stood in shock when arriving at the fictitious amusement park 'Walley World' only to find it was closed for repairs. Boo-Hoo 😢 but at the BOATNERD.COM World Headquarters you’ll get over it real fast because there you can still walk over to the St. Clair River and look for boats. No fences to keep you away. Oh YAAA 👍🏻🚢👍🏻
Unfortunately nothing was passing by just then, but when looking down river I could see the ALGORAIL ( about to discharge a load of stone on the Sarnia side along with the tanker ALGOEAST moored at the Esso dock. Up river though also on the Sarnia side, sat the tanker WESER which looked awfully familiar....

...because the last time I saw her in Havana, Cuba in January, she bore the name CHEMTRAN WESER ( Still flying the flag of Liberia, the 420' German owned tanker, had her name changed to simply WESER shortly after she left Havana for reasons unknown to me. Meanwhile, after filling her tanks with a Canadian crude byproduct, the WESER is currently making her way through the Gulf of St. Lawrence on her way to Venspils, Latvia. I wonder what she'll be named the next time I see the WESER. Go ahead, surprise me!! c);-b

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