Wednesday 22 May 2013

Chemical/Oil Tanker HARBOUR FASHION

Despite facing strong headwinds with gusts up to 60 kph, the 473' tanker HARBOUR FASHION motored along quite fashionably as she passed us at Windmill Point by near Prescott, Ontario on May 12. Built in China in 2011, the HARBOUR FASHION is owned by Nordic Tanker Marine of Copenhagen, Denmark, though she flies the flag of Portugal. Her home port is Madeira which is located on the small Portuguese island of the same name which is situated closer to Morocco than Portugal.

With the bulk carrier ALGOMA SPIRIT  minutes ahead, the FASHION looked pretty impressive as I snapped her managing the wind and white caps like a professional model prancing her goods for new markets and onlookers along the way to the Great Lakes, on this runway called the St. Lawrence River.  

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