Wednesday 3 April 2013

Pure Car & Truck Carrier TOSCANA

The calendar says April 3 but today's harsh wind from the north makes it feel more like mid February here in Ottawa. Yes, it's nice to have the sunny skies but the wind alone is making it feel like -15C. Brrr!! Meanwhile, the wind didn't appear to be an issue when my friend John (or maybe his wife Carmel) of Lanark County ON, caught the above sleek looking Lauritzen Bulker as it motored by their cruise ship, the CARIBBEAN PRINCESS in February on a near motionless flat sea. Though the sea appears a little choppy, the wind probably helped the big hippo-looking 'Pure Car and Truck Carrier', TOSCANA, as she pushed by their cruise ship a couple of days earlier. Like the TAIKO, (Carlz Boats-Nov. 19) the TOSCANA is owned by Norway's Wallenius Wilhelmsen though she flies the flag of Britain. The 656' TOSCANA, looks like and is the same length as Eukor's, MORNING CONDUCTOR (Carlz Boats-Feb. 2). The TOSCANA was built in 2009 at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Nagaski, Japan and can carry up to 6,542 cars on 12 deck, 4 of which are hoist-able. At least I believe it's the TOSCANA. It was a hard to make out the name at the bow and near her stern, so she could be the TORONTO, or TOMBORRA, or TOPEKA,  or any of her 10 identical PCTC sister-ships with city names that all start with the letter 'T' like this monster ship. Great photos kids, but can you also pack a pair binocs of your next Caribbean cruise? Or not.

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