Friday 12 October 2012


If you're a true boat-lubber and visiting Western Australia, you will definitely want to check out Fremantle Harbour.  Fremantle is the ocean port for the state capital, Perth, and last year 74% of Western Australia's seaborne imports and 10% of its seaborne exports passed through Fremantle Harbour. In other words, lots of ships loading, or unloading, or waiting off shore like the bulk carrier below, for dock-space in either Fremantle's Inner or Outer harbours.
A key vantage point is on Victoria Quay where I snapped the SWAN RIVER BRIDGE actively exchanging containers along the North Quay. This 564'x92' container ship flies the flag of Singapore, can carry up to 1708 twenty foot equivalent containers (TEC) and was built in Imabari, Japan for Kawasaki Australia's 'K' Lines in 2010.  What was especially surprising for a couple of visiting Canadians, other than her size, was the name because as any local can tell you, the Swan River flows through Perth and Fremantle Harbour before emptying into the Indian Ocean and since there are only 4 bridges that crossover the Western Australia river, the question is, which bridge is the SWAN RIVER BRIDGE named after? Sorry, cantilever anything more from me on this post, mate. c);-b

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