Tuesday 23 October 2012

Container Ship MOL EMINENCE (Revisited)

While a couple of huge tankers sat anchored high in the water and waiting for a berth at the BP Oil Kwinana refinery at Fremantle's Outer Harbour, the 965' x 105' MOL EMINENCE from Hong Kong exchanges containers at the Inner Harbour's North Quay. If you thought the earlier featured SWAN RIVER BRIDGE (photo below) was big, "Boy Are Your WRONG!", because his EMINENCE here which was built in 2009 in South Korea can carry up to 4,658-20 foot containers compared to the SWAN's 1,708 which is still a lot more than you'll see on any ship traversing the Great Lakes.

Meanwhile, I don't understand all the negative hoopla dingo dogs are getting down there in Australia. This one I found waiting to be petted near the E Shed Market in Fremantle was very well behaved, a little stiff mind you, but he didn't eat a single baby while we were in the area. I've always said be kind to animals and they'll be kind to you. Especially the ones that aren't a little stiff and stuck to the ground, like Dingo here. Hey, watch for more ships and possibly valuable tidbits of information on our visit to Fremantle Harbour coming soon to Carlz Boats. I know you can hardly wait. Right?