Friday 20 July 2012


The 739' CSL ASSINIBOINE is the fifth of ten CSL self-unloaders that have passed by me while making their way along the St.Lawrence River. On a rainy afternoon on June 12, I snapped this photo of the downbound and low in the water CSL ASSINIBOINE approaching Brockville, Ontario. Despite the dreary weather conditions of the day, she appeared to be motoring along in complete control. As noted on my May 24th 'Carlz Boats' post, that was not case, when on another dreary and blustery day on March 3rd, extremely high winds snapped her stern lines and forced the ASSINIBOINE to collide with another ship on the opposite wall at the Lake Erie entrance to the Welland Canal. Going nowhere fast, CSL ASSINIBOINE helplessly rests near the stern of the ALGOWOOD in a photo taken by my mother, Janet, who after church rushed up to the West Street wall in Port Colborne, Ontario, like a true 'boatnerd' to take this snap. What a sweet-heart!

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