Sunday 17 March 2013


Pretty impressive snap by my friend Kevin from Stittsville ON who on the starboard side of the cruise ship CARIBBEAN PRINCESS caught the container ship MELBOURNE STRAIT on her way out to sea with a pretty good load of sea cans from Fort Lauderdale, I mean Port Everglades, or whatever, Florida. Meanwhile over there on the port side of the PRINCESS, my friend John (or perhaps his wife Carmel from up north of Perth, ON) snapped another container ship, the INDUSTRIAL EDGE transferring cargo in the port of Oranjestad in Aruba. While both the STRAIT and the EDGE are owned by two different German companies, they are both registered and fly the flag of Antigua Barbuda, twin islands that are located in the Lesser Antilles (Google it, or not). The 591' MELBOURNE STRAIT was built in 2008 in China while the 456' INDUSTRIAL EDGE was built in Portugal in 2009. Since the standard dimension of a container, box or sea can is 20'x8' (length x width), the capacity of a container ship is expressed in 'TEU' or 'twenty-foot equivalent units'. Though the STRAIT which when leaving whatever the place is  called in Florida, appeared to be at the 'edge' of full capacity which is 1,794 TEU, the EDGE, though almost completely empty in Oranjestad except for a few sea cans down below and on her upper deck, can carry up to 636 TEU. So there, got that 'straight'?

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