Saturday 24 November 2012


You really can't complain about a Canadian summer, because before you know it the tale-tell signs of winter are right in your face. Like earlier this week, it was +12C, while today it's -1C but feels like -8 in the wind. Simple solution: STAY OUT OF THE WIND!!
Regardless it was pleasant Labour Day weekend when the heavy-lift cargo ship HHL AMAZON passed us near Mariatown along the St. Lawrence making her way down-bound to Eisenhower Lock. Whether it was an illusion or not, her bow seemed low in the water. The 453' AMAZON is one of 14 multi-purpose dry cargo ships that have been seen recently in these parts carrying wind turbines ( Whether below or above on her decks, she can also carry up to 673 containers. Though owned by Germany's  Hansa Heavy Lift, the AMAZON flies the flag of Liberia and when built in China in 2007, she was named BELUGA FAIRY where she regularly visited various Australian port.

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