Sunday 30 September 2012

Paddle Steamer DECOY (Revised)

Here we were standing at a lookout at Kings Park overlooking the majestic skyline of Perth, Western Australia, and as I panned with my binoculars along the shoreline of the very wide Swan River below us for a moment I couldn't believe my eyes. In fact I thought to myself, 'is that a paddle boat down there?' It certainly was and as I tried to focus in to see the it's name, P.S. DECOY, but what stood out more on what appeared to be an authentic side-wheeler paddle boat, were the words "FOR SALE" c):-(( . Sure enough as shown clear as day on my photo from atop Kings Park and this one showing her docked along the south shore of the Swan, the proud steamer DECOY was on the market. 
While researching this little beauty's background, I found that there was a paddle steamer named DECOY that was built in Scotland in 1878 and shipped in crates for re-assembly in Melbourne along  the Yarra River. From there she began her career as a tow boat for barges along the Murray River and ports along the South Australia coast. Apparently in 1905 she changed owners and was used to transport miners along the Great Australian Bight to Fremantle bound for the goldfields of Western Australia. Soon after a second deck was added to carry passengers for the excursion river trade along the Murray until 1932 when the ship was then gutted and turned into a houseboat. 
So is the impressive looking paddle boat I photographed last week in Perth, WA a replica of the famous excursion and tow boat or is it the "Real McCoy"? c):-o Beats me, but if you're in area, you may call the number below the 'for sale' signs (9534 7338) to find out for sure, and please feel free to let me know, okay! c):-D

 May 18, 2018 - Well, no one ever updated me about her goings on, but while waiting for another kidney stone to pass today, I read that the DECOY we saw in Perth in 2012, was actually a replica of the "Real McCoy" and built in 1986 in Fremantle, the Indian Ocean seaport located just down the Swan River. Paddle Steamer DECOY is powered by a salvaged and restored 1905 Ransome Sims and Jefferies twin cylinder steam engine, which was totally rebuilt in 1986 with a new oil fired burner and maxitherm boiler fitted. While she was up for sale back during our visit down-under, P.S DECOY is still active and operating as an excursion and party boat that cruises along the beautiful Swan River. Looking forward to seeing her again during our next visit to Perth, Western Australia. Meanwhile, she has a "Jazzy" 🎷🎺🎹 Facebook page. Check it out: ( )  

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