Friday 21 September 2012

Excursion Boat JAGUER II

He he,, Hey hey!! I've been married 38 years TODAY!! So what should we do for a little excitement on this special day? The Mrs. has talked about a European river cruise for our 40th anniversary so this year why not an excursion around the bay on the JAGUAR II. Well that's not going to happened because the last time I heard the JAGUAR II was situated along the west wall in Port Dover ON as shown in the above photo taken by my BIL Mark. If you GoogleEarth Port Dover, you'll see her there along the wall all by her lone self. Sorry skipper but you'll have start your three hour cruise without us because the wifey and I still confined to quarters near Perth, Australia more than 9,813 nautical miles away. Meanwhile many visitors of Canada's largest city may have enjoyed an excursion around Toronto Island on JAGUAR II. Like any marriage, there are good times and there are bad times but if you have faith in each other things can work out for the best. Such appears to be the case for the 29 metre JAGUAR II which was built in 1968 in Louisville LA, when I found her tied off to the tugboat SALVAGE MONARCH on a cold day in January 2009 at Ramey's Bend in Port Colborne, a place that is more known for breaking ship apart than offering a safe haven. Two years later she found sitting pretty and proud in Port Dover. Life can be good if you work it. Enough blogging, time to go walkabout. 

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