Sunday 7 March 2021

English Bay Anchorage

A great shot of a boat threesome - from the left, bulk carriers TERMITA, ULTRA ESTHERHAZY and GH GLORY. Cypress Mountain in the background is pretty neat too 👍📷👍

I took this view in 2010 from Burrard St. Bridge over False Creek whick isn't a creek.

No real Carlz Boats pics in this blogpost but rather they were snapped by my friend Rachel Crew who along with her partner Rick, moved to Vancouver late in the fall, and by looking at these spectacular photos taken on February 16th, not only did Rachel get a super workout but she saw some really great boat views during her walkabouts along the shoreline of English Bay.  

And what better place to watch ships than at Vancouver, the largest port in the Canada which extends from just above the U.S. border at Roberts Bank, along the Fraser River and up to Burrard Inlet. The Port consists of 16,000 hectares of water, 1,500 hectares of land and hundreds of kilometres of shoreline bordering 16 communities.  At its 26 major terminals, the Port can handle over 150 ships a day carrying many different cargoes including dry bulk, containers, liquid bulk, automobiles and cruises. And when when there's no dock space available, the salties can drop anchor in the inner harbour, Indian Arm or English Bay where 15 to 18 ship can sit idle on any given day for Rachel to photograph for us. Oh YAAA 👍📷👍

The 652'x105' TERMITA looks brand new because she is, built last year and is too wide to pass through  St. Lawrence Seaway locks which are known to scrape the paint off the newest ship in no time. Flying the flag of Norway, TERMITA is currently underway bound for Dalian, China

Flagged Panama, the 590'x98' ULTRA ESTERHAZY was built in 2012 and is currently bound Brazil.

While high in ballast in this beauty pic, the 738'x106' GH GLORY has returned to English Bay anchorage after loading grain in the harbour. Unlike the TERMITA and ULTRA ESTERHAZY which have 4 -30 MT cranes to load and unload cargo, GH GLORY is gearless meaning the dock must provide loading and unloading services. 

The Cypriot flagged 653'x105" EL MATADOR was underway in both of these pics and is currently in the Caribbean Sea bound for Rouen, France. She's motoring 🚢!!

The 778'x104' SANTA CRUZ was parked off the posh homes of West Vancouver which came along after the development of about 4,000 acres of land purchased by Walter Guinness, of Ireland's Guinness Brewing Company in 1931 creating a unique upscale neighbourhood known as the British Pacific Properties with winding roads, parks, shopping centres and eventually the building of the Lion's Gate Bridge. 

The SANTA CRUZ has since taken on cargo and is off the western coast of Vancouver Island bound for Yantai, China.

Beautiful British Columbia known for its massive mountain ranges, windswept beaches and endless possibilities for fun outdoors and now having seen Rachel's pics,  boat-watching should definitely be added to the mix. BTW, you may have difficulty containing yourself with all the goings in Vancouver's Inner harbour in the next Carlz, or I mean Rachelz Boats pictorial.

Sunset by the Bay taken June 22, 2010


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