Sunday 17 August 2014

Heavy Lift Cargo Ship HHL CONGO (Revisited)

The first time I came across the upbound 453' HHL CONGO in July 2012, she was hauling a load of wind turbine towers across Lake St. Francis near Lancaster, Ontario.
On that day I didn't have my monopod to to help keep my little brownie steady when zooming in the far distant CONGO. Though it was getting dark fast, it was a easier snapping her last Thursday night as she approached and then transited Iroquois Lock on her way to Muskegon, Michigan. Instead of towers, this time it was turbine blades that were stacked high on her deck.      

When lauched in 2011 in Wuhu, Japan her name was BELUGA FEALTY. Later that year, she was purchased by Hansa Heavy Lift of Hamburg, Germany and  flies the flag of Antigua & Barbuda. Other HHLs that have frequented the Great Lakes includes the MISSISSIPPI, NILE, AMUR and the AMAZON which I snapped motoring downbound at near Mariatown on Labour Day 2012. Check it out: 

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