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Bulk Carrier TIM S. DOOL (Revisited)

Upbound above Iroquois Lock - August 11, 2013

From the former Ramey's Bend - March 28, 1973
As the upbound 730' bulk carrier TIM S. DOOL got underway after leaving Iroquois Lock, I couldn't help but wonder, "I think I've snapped that behind before". I certainly did but only then the name on her stern was SENNEVILLE and the occasion was when she became the first downbound laker to enter and transit the new 8 mile long Welland By-Pass on March 28, 1973 which has since sent ships along a fairly straight and much wider channel from Port Colborne to Port Robinson.

Before then ships would make a fairly sharp turn to the port (left) at Ramey's Bend below Humberstone and continue along a narrow channel which passed by the John Deere plant in Dain City, Union Carbide and Atlas Steel in Crowland and through the always busy downtown Welland. While I have many fond memories of those days, many others were frustrated with the delays and traffic-gridlocks that happened when especially the Main St. Bridge #13 went up for one or sometimes two vessels. c):-()
(for SENNEVILLE's story see:

One of only a few lakers built at the St. John Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company, in St. John, New Brunswick, the SENNEVILLE was launched during Canada's centennial year, 1967, for Mohawk Navigation of Montreal, Quebec. However, in 1980, the SENNEVILLE and fleetmate SILVER ISLE were bought by Pioneer Shipping of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and soon after their hulls were painted the distinctive fleet colours of orange and red as shown in this company post card that was given to me some time ago. Though the SENNEVILLE primarily carried dry bulk goods, like grain and soybean, in 1992 she had her bottom doubled so that she could also carry canola oil.
West of Cardinal - August 11, 2013

When Algoma Central Marine took over Pioneer in 1994, she was re-painted and her name was changed to ALGOVILLE. In 1996, the VILLE's hull was widened by an addition 3' to meet new Seaway maximum widths (see top snap) just like what was done to CSL TADOUSSAC also at Port Weller Dry Docks in St. Catharines, Ontario. (See:

The VILLE's name was changed again in June 2008 in honour of Algoma Central's retiring and former President & Chief Executive Officer, TIM S. DOOL. Regardless of name and hull modifications, the DOOL is currently locked in the ice of Hamilton harbour waiting for a new shipping season to commence and continue to carry cargoes such as Canadian prairie wheat or iron ore throughout the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence just like she's done since day one, 47 years ago. Motor On, Girl!! c);-b  
West of Cardinal - August 11, 2013
TIM S. DOOL Update: March 19, 2019
Downbound near Prescott - September 1, 2014
Downbound near Prescott - September 1, 2014
And a motoring the bulgy-hulled TIM S. DOOL did go as I continued to capture her from time to time. I snapped her downbound and laden with cargo in September 2014 near Prescott, Ontario and during her last trip of the season on December 28, 2015 as she was  really pushing water passed Brockville's River Park on Blockhouse Island, obviously eager to unload and then layup next to the recent CSL newbuild, BAIE ST. PAUL snapped on a brisk February  2016 visit to Montreal's Old Port section.
Brockville's River Park - December 28, 2015

Winter layup at Montreal with the cross atop Mont Royal in the background - February 15, 2016
Winter layup at Port Colborne - February 11, 2017
With former fleetmate ALGOSOO still being dismantled in the background, there were all kinds of concern about the veteran bulk carrier's fate when she laid up for winter in 2017 at the old furnace plant wall in Port Colborne, a dock which is known to be used by International Marine Salvage as a staging area for their ship breaking operation. Hopefully no one lost any sleep over that rumour as the DOOL has continued to sail since and when the 50 plus year old gets underway this spring, she'll be sporting a fresh coat of Algoma "blue" paint currently being applied at Fraser Shipyards in Superior, WI. No, the former trend setting SENNEVILLE and this update is not done yet.    
Former fleetmate ALGOSOO being dismantled in the distance - February 11, 2017

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