Sunday 5 January 2014

Oil & Chemical Tanker SARAH DESGAGNES (Revisited)

As another shipping season along the St. Lawrence Seaway and Welland Canal comes to a close, here's the first boat snap I took of the season back on March 29th, the 484' oil and chemical tanker SARAH DESGAGNES. Built in Istanbul, Turkey in 2007, the  sleek looking tanker motored along with ease downbound below Iroquois Lock. For any boat-lubber who's been confined to snapping birds in the front yard feeder all winter, this was an exciting moment. However not so for my travelling companion that day and so many days during this past shipping season, Tanner, my BFF. He would rather play fetch as the SARAH DESGAGNES continued along past Mariatown. You think Tanner looks dejected in that snap, you should see the look on his face now as my wife, Janie and I continue to get ready for a trip to Varadero, Cuba, later today. 'Oh-Oh', he's probably been thinking to himself, "They're taking off while I get stuck watching the birds and squirrels enjoy the feeder out front. not a nice way a treat a best eh" :-((

The last ship upbound to reach Lake Erie, was the icebreaker, CCGS GRIFFON. Though the season was to end December 29, many ships were delayed due to ice conditions east of Valleyfield, so the GRIFFON and several Ocean Group harbour tugs were kept busy churning up the channels and locks approaches at Beauharnois, Cote Ste. Catherine, and St. Lambert. The last saltie to clear was the bulk carrier ORSULA which on December 25th, ran aground near Cape Vincent. After discharging some of her cargo of grain, she was freed with the aid of tugs. She is still in Montreal having her damaged propeller repaired.
Meanwhile, the GRIFFON made it to Port Colborne early on New Years Day and today is keeping the channel clear of ice-packs along the Detroit River. Okay, time to finishing packing and get out of the 'Great White North'. Back in touch in about a week or so. Adios!! c);-b
CCCS GRIFFON taken March 8, 2006. To read more about her and the winter layup in Port Colborne that year, check out at:

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  1. Love love love your stories. Have a happy new year 2017 as we get ready in the spring to rock the seaway once again!