Monday 2 September 2013


The CANADA MARQUIS. What a great name for a ship. 'Marquis', a nobleman, a person of stature. True, you may not be a Duke but at least you're not a lowly Earl. Heaven Forbid!! However, according my former Misener Transportation expert, Nathan Attard,   the correct pronunciation of "MARQUIS" is actually "MARKWIS" which a wheat harvested on Canada's prairies in Saskatchewan. Oops, I sit corrected c);-b.
Regardless, this MARQUIS was the second of three deep-sea or 'saltie' lakers for  Misener Transportation of St. Catharines, Ontario. While going through my files of snaps, I came across a postcard that Misener had printed of the then recent acquisition to their fleet, the 730' CANADA MARQUIS. Unfortunately, the card did not identify the photographer, but I'm certain a helicopter had to be used to get this dynamic shot as the proud CANADA MARQUIS pushed an onward sea over her bulbous bow with little resistance. She was built in Glasgow, Scotland in 1983 and sailed for Misener until 1991 when she was purchased by Federal Navigation of Montreal and her name was changed to FEDERAL RICHELIEU, then in 2001 FEDERAL MACKENZIE, both famous and important Canadian rivers. When Canada Steamship Lines purchased her in 2003, she began sailing with her current name, BIRCHGLEN, which is a nice tree and it's bark may have been used on the canoes the Iroquois used when padding down the Richelieu, or not.

However, earlier this spring, I snapped the BIRCHGLEN  (Carlz Boats: 31.17.12) as she inched her way through 'Iroquois' Lock. If you look closely, you may notice the embossed former name FEDERAL 'RICHELIEU' visible beneath BIRCHGLEN's white painted bow. Soon after leaving the lock, I snapped the stacks and superstructures of the BIRCHGLEN and her former fleetmate, FEDERAL KUSHIRO which was waiting below to transit the lock and continue upbound to Lake Ontario. With the lock and FEDERAL KUSHIRO to her stern, the BIRCHGLEN (below) picks up her pace on a calm channel while making her way to Quebec City and passing the original Iroquois Lock and entrance to the former Galop Canal. Time to 'Giddy-Up Go' until you can no longer.


  1. AWESOME Carl !! Love it. Thanks again for the opportunity to "read all about it" ;-) Jo, The Prescott Anchor - Find us on Facebook

  2. Awesome job Carl Great shots!!

  3. Very nice Carl..Thank you for all you do and for Sharing your stories with us all..Thank you for including me in your stories with my photos..Brenda - Summerstown Lookout -Find us on Facebook.

    1. Unfortunately I'm not always able to make it down to the River so I really appreciate that so often you're there and being allowed to use your beautiful photos. c):-))

  4. I remember this ship and her sisters well.
    I was a marine surveyor with the Ship Safety Branch of Transport Canada and was involved in the plan approval and construction of all three vessels. I visited the shipyard in Govan a few times and being a fellow Scot was treated well. While a surveyor in the Thunder Bay office I inspected most of the Misener ships.

  5. WOW, thanks for sharing that Jack. Though I haven't yet done a post about the SPRUCEGLEN (SELKIRK SETTLER), one is in the works. Meanwhile here's link to my post about the KAMINISTIQUA (SASKATCHEWAN PIONEER) from a few years ago before she got a fresh coat of paint. Have a nice Labour Day Weekend c):-D