Thursday 27 June 2013

Chemical/Oil Tanker NORDIC HELSINKI

St. Lawrence Seaway traffic results aren't looking too good with both transits and cargo volumes declining significantly to date. To bring in additional revenue, the Seaway may have to start charging for farm animal usage of their channels for bathing and banking rays just like this northern  New York herd above, enjoying an afternoon dip along the Seaway's south shore.

Now that may seem like a lot of bull, (or holsteins), but another big liquid bulk carrier that passes frequently along the Seaway are tankers like the 450'x66' NORDIC HELSINKI. Built in 2007 in South Korea, I snapped the NORDIC HELSINKI as she squeezed her way out of Iroquois Lock and then trotting along quite quickly near Mariatown, Ontario heading downbound to Montreal to top up on diesel fuel or other gas products. The HELSINKI is owned by Nordic Tanker Marine of Copenhagen, Denmark. Earlier that day, I snapped fleetmate HARBOUR FASHION (Carlz Boats-22.05.13) which though owned by Nordic Tanker Marine, her hull colour was red and flew the flag of Portugal. Though also not a great dane, family dog Tanner wasn't very happy that he couldn't go for a swim in the river like those cows.
But like the NORDIC HELSINKI, his displeasure eventually passed.

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