Saturday 2 February 2013


While I was doing my best 'Driver Dan' impression along the shores of Cuba's beautiful Playas del Este, Janice was snapping away at this huge hulk that came lumbering along on the horizon from the east. When further out, her prominent white hull and superstructure suggested she might be a cruise ship which wasn't likely since Cuba isn't usually a port of call especially from the American liners based out of Florida. As she got closer she began to look like the livestock carrier, OCEAN DROVER and the RO/RO TAIKO Actually she turned out to be a EUKOR Car Carriers based out of Seoul, South Korea. I'm not 100% certain, but this big boat appears to be the 656' car carrier MORNING CONDUCTOR.  EUKOR has 64 car carriers and transports over 4 million vehicles world-wide annually mostly for Hyundai and Kia. MORNING CONDUCTOR flies the flag of Panama and was built in 2008 at the Hyundai shipyards in Samho, South Korea. She can carry up to 6,645 vehicles which is perhaps enough to make a few Cubans happy since the State has just recently decided to allow Cubans the right to own cars. Sounds like change is in air over Cuba. 'bout time!
Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to my son, Andrew in Toronto and friend, Jim in Maryland. Have a GREAT DAY boys!!

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