Saturday 19 January 2013

Bulk Carrier NOGAT

Just got back from Cuba where we had a wonderful week of hot sun, fun and relaxation at Playa del Este which is about 30 klicks east of Havana. Really enjoyed its vast and beautiful beaches, almost daily went walkabout throughout Old Havana, and listened to some fantastic Cuban Jazz while belting back a mojito or cervesa, or two.
A surprising added bonus was catching a glimpse of a variety of freighters popping up over the horizon and tracking them as they sailed past us daily to ports unknown like these two tankers. During a walkabout along the harbourfront, I snapped the clean and sleak-looking bulk carrier NOGAT docked on the other side of Havana harbour. The 489' NOGAT was built in 1999 in Szczecen, Poland and though she is managed by the Polish based Polsteam, the NOGAT actually flies the flag of Cyprus. After leaving Havana, she appeared to make her way across the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans which is where she is currently positioned. Despite the import embargo which has been in place since 1962, the United States is the 5th largest importer to Cuba. In fact, 6.6% of Cuba's imports are from the United States. Though this ongoing trading activity offers a whole new meaning to the word "embargo', I'm glad to hear it. Though the Cuban government might suggest that they're taking care of there own, from what I observed, far too many people are poor and are getting not much of anything. Sure would be nice to see that change one day.

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