Friday 9 November 2012


It's autumn and with the Seaway's navigation season coming to a close near the end of December, a problem free passage this time of year is so important. Here, the McAsphalt tug EVERLAST pushes her empty barge, NORMAN McLEOD against the steady river current near Cardinal, Ontario on her way to the Toronto area terminal for another load of semi-liquid asphalt destined for Halifax or some other Atlantic Canada port. You'll notice the McLEOD's bow looks like the standard bevel design as opposed to her sister, the JOHN J. CARRACK ( which has a ship-like bow which generally offers less resistance when working deep sea. 

Meanwhile, just a head of the EVERLAST & McLEOD, the tall ship EMPIRE SANDY ( is also returning to Toronto, her home port after completing scenic cruises along the lower St. Lawrence River east of Montreal. As winter approaches, tree leaves along the St. Lawrence Valley start to change their colours to beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow in mid September which annually attracts cruise ships of all kinds, including the EMPIRE SANDY. While slowly passing by, hundreds of visitors from the upper Great Lakes and eastern seaboard are given a breathe taking and panoramic view of Mother Nature doing her thing.  Taking it all in on the SANDY with her sails fully engulfed in a comfortable breeze, could make a great experience even more enjoyable. Got to try it sometime.

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