Wednesday 30 May 2012

Hydrofoil HMCS BRAS D'OR (FHE 400)

I couldn't believe my eyes. There perched high and dry along the shores of the St. Lawrence River stood HMCS BRAS D'OR, the former hydrofoil that served in the Canadian Navy from 1968-1971. Apparently it was built as a project to test anti-submarine warfare technology on an ocean-going hydrofoil and during sea trials in 1969, the vessel exceeded 63 knots (72 mph), making her the fastest unarmed warship in the world.    However, changes in priorities and cost overruns led to the project's cancellation.
HMCS BRAS D'OR (FHE 400) is now situated at the Musee Maritime du Quebec in L'Islet-sur-Mer where I rediscovered her in September 2010. The first time I saw this amazing ship was probably during the summer of 1969 at HMC Docks in Halifax perched then on a barge and also like today, going nowhere fast.


  1. I saw her few times when I was a kid, she was fast!

    1. That’s what I heard. Like the Avro Arrow, she was a head of her time.